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Excepted from an article by Katherine Mieszkowski

  Call it buzz in a bottle - the new high dose sugary caffeine drinks that supercharge the MySpace crowd. Many pack double or even triple the amount of caffeine of traditional soda. Ditto for the gourmet coffee drinks,so loaded with sugar and calories, they're basically a candy bar in a cup.

  While kids as young as middle school get their buzz on, they're also getting hooked. And all this caffeine can have serious consequences for growing bodies.  OD'ing on caffeine can have scary after effects. At very high doses, the stimulant can cause a racing heart rate, heart palpitations, even seizures.

 How much is too much? You be the judge. a 12oz. "Snapple" iced tea has 31.5 mg.of caffeine, An 8.5 oz "Red Bull" has 80mg. of caffeine, while a  16oz. "Starbucks Coffee Grande" has 259 mg. of caffeine.

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